Areas of intervention

Advice and assistance to the mining sector operators, issuing information on legislation, creation of local structures of formalities and procedures Research obtaining permits and operating license, verification of titles...

-    Advice and assistance to oil and gas sectors operators, issuing information related legislation, creation of  local structures of formalities and procedures for obtaining permits, research and authorization, operation, verification of    titles …

-   Advice in the various exploitation of fishing boats, processing and freezing plants, purchase of fish from industrial and artisanal sectors; partnering

-  Advice and assistance for import operations, securing foreign importers through the negotiation and verification of documents and terms of payment of the terms of the Letter of Credit, documentary credits, letters of credit and Swift established in the framework Mauritanian fish import operations;

-       Constitution, disposal and liquidation of Mauritanian law firms

-       Creation of subsidiaries, representations and offices for foreign companies;

-  Support and monitoring of partnership agreements and establishment of joint ventures: editorial  offices agreements, documents verification and monitoring of implementation

-       Friendly and judicial Debt Collection

-       Legal migration (entry, work permits ...)

-       Labour law: assistance in drafting contracts, profile search, recruitment, dismissal, liquidation rights ...

-    Procurement: Assistance in thedevelopment of proposals and bids in tenders according to the rules of the main donors funds

-       Corporate Tax and individuals

-       Arbitration

-       Family Law, Matrimonial

-       Criminal Law

Villa 0014 ZRB, Ilot B - Tevragh zeina (face Nouvelle Ambassade du Maroc), Nouakchott, Mauritanie